Doula Services

Our mission is to empower women to be actively involved in their pregnancies, childbirth experiences, and as parents through informational, physical, and emotional support; to the benefit of both mother and baby. In a culture where the stages of childbirth (including the early parenting period) have often been devalued, we seek to restore meaning to these powerful life experiences that a woman never forgets. We believe in healing the planet one birth at a time! 

Every woman is entitled to give birth in the way that is most fulfilling for her and in accordance with her individual beliefs on birth. We respect the uniqueness of every birth and do not subscribe to the thought that birth should be 'normalized' to fit some standard. We would be honored to act as your labor assistant whether you chose to birth at home, in a hospital, or in a birthing center. 

We can be hired individually, or as a team, depending on your needs and wishes for support in labor.There are some tremendous benefits to having two doulas at your birth, which we would love to discuss with you in the initial meeting. 

We offer full birth and postpartum care, childcare in birth and beyond, Mother's Blessing Ceremonies, and massage. To learn more about us, visit our doula webpage at